Best Fan Exercise Bike 2020

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Upright exercise bikes are popular pieces of equipment at home because they just fit well in that kind of environment and are easy to use by just about anyone. Maybe too easy. If you’re trying to lose weight and find that you can’t spare an hour on an upright bike everyday, why not try the more difficult but more effective air resistance bike? The best fan exercise bike can whip you into shape faster because you create resistance when you pedal.

It is a stationary bike with a fan wheel where the blades create resistance as they spin through the air. Therefore, the smaller the fan the less maximum resistance there is. The faster you pedal, the more resistance you get, and so you have to put in more effort to continue. With a fan wheel exercise bike, you may find that you can spend less time on it than a regular upright with a flywheel to lose the same amount of weight.

When professional cyclists have to train in the off season, they choose either spin bikes or air bikes to stay in shape. This is because fan bike benefits include being able to do interval training without fidgeting with knobs and pre-programmed settings. Since the resistance adjusts automatically if you pedal faster or slower, you have the ideal training for a real outdoor race like a crossfit. The fan wheel creates a breeze that can be very helpful as you workout. However, you may find that it’s quite strong at higher speeds. If this is the case, you can install a wind screen on it.

Air resistance cycling does have its drawbacks, though. While there’s negligible noise from the blades if you pedal slowly, it is a very noticeable rushing sound when the wheel goes faster. This may make it difficult for you to listen to music or watch TV at normal volume. The lack of push button resistance selection means you design your own workout program since there’s no ability to have pre-programmed workouts.

Compared to many equivalent upright or spin bikes, an air bike exercise machine can be cheaper. A regular one just for weight loss is very affordable but if you’re training hard then you can even get a commercial one for a few hundred dollars. Our air resistance exercise bike reviews below cover a good range of budgets so you’re sure to find the best one for your needs. To help you choose the best air resistance bike or any other type of exercise bike, read our exhaustive guide here.


Compare Best Fan Exercise Bike Models

ProductRating (out of 5)Heart rate monitoringDimensionsMax. User CapacityPrice
Assault AirBike Classic4.6chest strap Polar compatible49"L x 22"W x 51"H350 lbs$$$$
Schwinn AD6 Airdyne4.0chest strap Polar compatible49.7"L x 25.7"W x 50.9"H300 lbs$$$
Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike4.2no45”L x 25”W x 47.5”H300 lb$$
Schwinn AD2 Airdyne4.1no46"L x 25"W x 50"H250 lbs$$$
Body Rider Fan Bike3.9no41.75"L x 22"W x 46.5"H250 lbs$
Stamina ATS Air Resistance Bike3.8no45"H x 42.5"L x 24"W250 lbs$


Best Air Bike for Crossfit Training

Assault AirBike Classic

Assault AirBike ClassicThe Assault is one of the best-in-class training bikes available and designed for professional athletes and gym enthusiasts. It comes with a full high-tensile steel coated frame that ensures durability and also gives you a long period of service without the need for maintenance. To protect moving parts, the bike features sealed cartridge bearings.

The bike’s console sports a crisp LCD screen packed with a plethora of features to accommodate all users. No need to scroll, as the screen is large enough to display everything at once. One such feature is on-board pre-programming, which lets you customize your workout session. Here, you have the option to choose from Watt goals, target distance or high-intensity intervals. Better yet, there is an integrated messaging system that keeps you motivated throughout the session.

Designed to upgrade resistance automatically as the trainee pulls, pushes and pedals faster, the Assault Air has the capability to meet the needs of all athletes. This is made possible by the heart monitoring program that monitors your pulse rate through chest strap compatible sensors and raises your target aerobic base. The 25-inch diameter steel blade fan outputs max resistance, while the six-way adjustable seat (fore, aft, up and down, and tilt both ways) allows for an ergonomically comfortable ride.

This bike has a chain-drive. For an upper body only workout, the bike comes with footrests allowing you to exercise the arms while the legs rest. With a few hours of training every day, this bike gives great results. However, some users complain of uncomfortable seats, which you can remedy by buying a gel seat cover. Except for that minor annoyance, this is the best fan bike to buy.

Click here for the Assault AirBike Classic.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise BikeThe AD6 Airdyne is a powerful exercise tool designed for commercial workout gyms and for home gyms; it is for athletes who need effective full body cardio workouts every day. Schwinn released the AD6 as an improvement of their earlier bike model, the AD4. A great deal of features have been added to make this bike effective and it is the best air bike for the money.

On the bike’s manual, two people are supposed to assemble this bike, but one person will find it a cinch putting the parts together. Assembly is made easy by the labels on each part. This bike comes with a large plastic blade fan that offers unlimited resistance; the harder you pedal, the more resistance you feel. The noise is low because it is a belt-drive bike, which ensures there are no distractions during exercise. However, at the highest speed, the bike will produce some fan noise. Some users have found it annoying, but some are okay with it. It will also get pretty breezy, so if you find that distracting, then there’s an optional wind screen you can buy.

One great advantage of this bike is that it focuses on a full body workout. Nevertheless, when you reach the highest level of resistance, the upper body may not be able to keep up with it. Schwinn has upgraded the computer on the bike to feature the RevMeter RPM gauge, which manages statistics like distance, speed, watts, calories and pulse rate. The LCD screen, however, is a bit dim for many users and not legible sometimes. All 6 metrics are displayed at the same time.

The AD6 doesn’t have an integrated reading rack but you can buy one to fix on the console.

The AD6 comes with a large padded seat for comfort and 4 levelers to ensure stability. Other features include self-balancing pedals, a water bottle holder, and transport wheels. The pedals come with straps to hold the feet firmly in place. When not pedaling, you can rest your legs on the pedals and exercise only the arms.

The most common complaint with the Airdyne AD6 is that the seat only adjusts up and down. Also, when you set it higher, the seat slants slightly towards the back unless you use a wrench to force it forwards and tighten the nut it completely. This lack of adjustment is uncomfortable, especially for short people. However, this model is the best Airdyne bike you can buy.

Click here for the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Bike.


Fan Bike for Weight Loss

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike

Marcy Air 1 Fan BikeIf you are looking to get started on your weight loss and keeping fit journey and are looking for a simple to use exercise bike that you can pedal a few hours every day, the Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike is for you. This bike piques the attention of users with its 2 in 1 system which provides resistance and at the same time cools the user.

This bike comes easy to assemble with a clear manual. All fears on the bike’s stability are eliminated as the number of bolts provided are more than enough. The bike offers stability to the point that you can lean on it in any direction and not feel like you are about to topple.

The transport wheels are advantageous as you wouldn’t want to lift a 95 pound bike. One downside to this bike, though, is that it is not really designed for isolated upper or lower body workouts. Even if you don’t use the arms, they still move if you pedal. Though you can sit straight and pedal, you will be uncomfortable, and so is the case when you exercise your arms with the legs at rest. Handles are foam covered and thus easy on your hands.

Mercy Air 1 uses 2 AA batteries in its console. The console offers basic features such as speed, calories, time and distance statistics. However, it lacks a heart monitor. You will enjoy an ergonomically designed seat with high-density foam padding and vinyl covering which comes fully adjustable to accommodate different users. Very tall people might find that the seat doesn’t go high enough. It runs on a belt drive system that a produces low but non-distracting noise.

Click here for the Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike.


Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne BikeThe AD2 is a tough bike designed for those who are looking for a home gym bike to use on a daily basis. It comes fitted with all basic training bike features and more, yet it is easy enough for beginners to decipher. This bike can give you strenuous as well as mild workouts thanks to its high power resistance fan which adjusts based on your pedaling, and the fact that you exercise your legs and your arms simultaneously.

You can only adjust the seat’s height of this bike. Though the seat is thickly padded for comfort, those of short stature may find that they are leaning more than is comfortable. Resistance comes from the fan wheel located in the front. Also, as you pedal harder and faster, resistance increases. However, the air moves away from you and does not cool you (unless you pedal backward) unlike many other air resistance bike models.

AD2 sports a belt drive that produces a smooth ride. The drive has a guard that protects it from damage. Its pedals are strapped to ensure sturdiness on the legs. This bike’s fan produces noise no more than an electric fan on medium and high speed; not enough to annoy. It is easier to exercise your whole body as the bike is not designed to ergonomically support legs alone or arms alone workouts. However, there are stationary foot pegs if you want to try only arm workouts.

A large console rests on the bike’s front displaying different measurements. One downside though, is that you may not see clearly in low light conditions. It displays distance, time, speed and rpm. Compared to other bikes, this bike is easy to assemble, sturdy, and lets you customize workout sessions. However, it does not keep a record of past workouts, and its seat can be uncomfortable.

Click here for the Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike.


Budget Air Bikes

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan BikeThe Body Rider is a bike for those who need to kick-start a workout routine and need a simple and affordable bike for it. It’s high momentum fan wheel, located at the front produces enough resistance, adjustable with your pedaling speed, and cools you in the process. However, for those that want to start pedaling at a lower resistance, there’s a tension knob that you can use. The intensity of your workout might not be as high as with higher priced fan resistance bikes, but beginners will like this.

The new model of the bike comes with an upgraded seat that is not only cozy but also adjustable. However, only the seat’s height can be adjusted at the turn of a knob. This may be problematic as it may not accommodate short users. One advantage, however, is that the bike comes with a 250-pound weight limit with a sturdy steel frame to accommodate a wide range of body weights.

There is an easy to use console which tracks distance, time, speed and calories burned. The console, however, does not track RPM, which is a disadvantage. Nonetheless, this being a budget bike, there are no complaints. The fan produces an amount of noise enough to distract you from watching TV but not absurdly loud. Running on a belt drive system, this bike offers a smooth ride and can be used every day.

Seeing that the pedals are interconnected with the handles, it is easier and more comfortable to exercise the whole body rather than exercise the upper body and the lower body separately. You will enjoy a horde of advantages, including easy assembly, comfort, and affordability. Contrary to that, you may have to deal with a little noise and lack of special features such as RPM display.

Click here for the Body Rider Fan Bike.


Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike

Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise BikeLooking for the least expensive air resistance exercise bike? Well, the Stamina ATS is your best bet. This bike comes simple enough yet versatile enough to offer full body workouts to a wide range of users. Though light, the bike is sturdy enough to withstand strenuous/high-speed rides. This bike comes handy for those who are running a home gym to exercise a couple of minutes every day.

You can adjust the height of the seat for comfort, but you cannot move the seat backward or forward. This seat comes with some padding for more comfort. You can adjust the level of resistance by either increasing the speed of pedaling or by tightening or loosening a knob attached to the fan wheel. This knob is more for adjusting beginning resistance, as it controls the tension as you start to peddle. One drawback is that the levels of resistance are not marked.

The bike comes with a chain drive like an outdoor bike. The chain makes a clinking as it moves, but this is not enough to distract you. The fan makes a significant amount of noise too – enough to muffle the sound of a TV.

The Stamina ATS comes with large pedals to fit all feet sizes. These pedals sport a non-slip surface with no straps. Handlebars, pedals, and wheels are connected and move simultaneously. To this end, it is easier to exercise the whole body; not upper and lower separately.

A basic console displays speed, distance, calories and time. The LCD screen is legible enough but cannot be seen in low light conditions. Though you can customize your workout session, the console does not record your workout, and you have to manually do it. Even with all the great features expounded above, the bike still has its drawbacks. Its pedal and handlebar motion are not as smooth as other bikes.

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